a long time

It’s been 3 years almost without writing
anything but I’m going to go back to blogging.  In the
past 3 years the Rays got alot better and I’ve started
seeking autos alot more.  I’ve started doing the mail
again recently and now am working on getting a second set of
cards and a team helmet signed.  I usually go do the
player parking lot before or after a game and am only missing
on the Rays helmet- George Hendrick, BJ Upton, Pat Burrell,
Matt Garza, Matt Joyce, and now Winston Abreu.  Last
night was my 7th game in 7 days and I know I got over 70
autos. The Natonals sign a ton and are rather easy though
there were 3 I will be mailing out- Josh Bard, Bob Boone, and
one of the announcers.  What was funny is during one of
the games the Rays bullpen coach Bobby Ramos turns around and
starts waving at me out of the blue.  I got a FSL game
tomorrow nite where former pitcher Adam Lowen is trying to be
an outfielder.  


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