Utley: over and out

I wanted to talk about Chase Utley’s hitting streak before it ended but I guess I waited too long. Although I went to a game last night I’ll cover Utley today while it’s still somewhat relevant. You know, I really wish someone would finally break Joe Dimaggio’s record of 56 simply because it seems like every time someone hits 20 games in a row there’s talk about it again. Just me personally but it gets very annoying. The last one before Utley’s to go 30+ was Jimmy Rollins. I got Jimmy’s autograph during spring training but today’s story is about Utley so I’m sticking to that. The closest I ever came to Utley was there this time that Pat Burrell was signing to the left of me and moving closer and Chase was to the right of me and moving closer. I couldn’t decide which to go for over the other so I stayed put hoping they would make it to me. Neither did. But that was the game Bobby Abreau signed for me and only in that same spot that I hadn’t left. Today’s lesson- You won’t always be able to get every player signing and not even always make the best decisions. You will have to live with your decisions and not let if affect how you do after it either.


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