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Last night’s game ****** royally but the autographs were pretty good. I gotta say it has become very hard to be a D-Rays fan but I’m going to stick with them and hope one day it gets better. The Red Sox fans stuck around their team for 86 years waiting. Why can’t I? And hey at least at the game I got to see part of a cycle. I left early because of the score so I missed Carlos Guillen finishing it up. So back to what I was saying about the autographs. I got repeats of Ruddy Lugo, Shawn Campa, Jorge Cantu, and Carl Crawford. That’s like my 8th or 9th Crawford because he signs at every game. I’m working on getting this four card “set” of his signed. It’s 4 different variations of the same card and now I’m halfway done. For the Tigers I got Zach Miner, Vance Wilson, Omar Infante, Jamie Walker, Curtis Granderson, AND Pudge Rodriguez. People were saying it’s the first time in five years that Pudge signed. Now two stories from last night and one lesson- First, this kid who I’ve only seen once before was having trouble getting autographs so he asked me if I’d ever give any away. Now, I used to. One day I gave this kid visiting from my old home of Jersey a Wade Boggs and a Brooks Robinson but I won’t give any away anymore and I’ll NEVER sell autographed cards. I did help him get Kenny Rogers and Omar Infante though I didn’t get Rogers. Now, my second story and lesson is that when a player is talking to a friend and tells you he is leave him alone and wait until he is done. Granderson was talking to friends and these elementary school boys kept asking him for it to the point that he signed maybe five and walked away. PLAYERS DO NOT HAVE ANY OBLIGATION TO SIGN AUTOGRAPHS IT’S A PRIVELEDGE THAT THE FANS GET SOMETIMES.


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    As a Drays fan, I am very frustrated and despondent about my team right now. Reading the first few sentences of this entry cheered me up. Thanks. 😀

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