Time to celebrate- Julio Lugo is gone

I might be the only Devil Rays fan happy to see that Julio Lugo was traded. You see, he’s the only D-Ray that I didn’t like and it wasn’t because of how he plays on the field. Back in 2003 the reason the Devil Rays got him was because the Astros released him. Why? Because he beat his wife in the player parking lot. To me, regardless of who you are and how famous you are, if you don’t have morals and integrity you are ****. Julio could have been good enough to win a freaking Triple Crown and I still would hate him. In regards to autographs he is one of the hardest to get. But, I got him anyways. The Devil Rays for their Saturday games have 2 players sign prior to the game officially. Back in April he was one of the two. I got him to sign the scorecard he was on the cover of from last year. But while I was standing in line I accidentally got some sharpie on it so now it’s not that good of a piece. That is why today’s lesson on collecting is to use the clicker type of sharpie instead of the ones with a cap. It cuts down on errant sharpie marks on your hands, clothes and items. The only problem is the clicker type confuses a lot of oldtime former players but that’s a story for a different time. I’m going to the Tigers game tonight so I’ll have something really to report tomorrow.


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