15 minutes left before the tradefloor closes

With the trade deadline about to hit I’m looking back on who did get traded and who I got the autograph of. Unfortunately, I only got 4- Bobby Abreau, Shea Hillenbrand, Sean Casey, and Austin Kearns. Bobby’s trade bothers me alot. You see, Bobby has always been an amazing signer. But now that he is with the dreaded Yankees he probrably will stop signing. That team, in general, is the hardest to get. One day I will explain why. 4 years ago I got 3 cards of his signed in one spring training season. When I restarted this last spring I did not expect to get him again. This was due to him being alot more popular now than he was back then and that he was going to be gone awhile playing in the World Baseball Classic. Amazingly, the day after he returned from the WBC I got his sig due to yet another guideline in collecting. When the ushers start kicking people out of the sections close to game time, usually 15 minutes prior, just sit down close to the field. As long as you don’t keep moving and just act like you belong there the ushers almost never bother you. But, when you are confronted by an usher or the person who the seat actually belongs to act like you read your ticket wrong. BUT if the ticket is asked for apologize and leave the section completely. I used this technique to seat in the first row after everyone else was kicked out the day I got Bobby’s autograph. I’ve also used this technique at a Tigers game and to get backstage at concerts. If you act like you belong then you do. Will all the people who got traded act like they belong in their new clubhouse or will they cause problems.


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