hall of fame day

First, congratulations to Bruce Sutter and the Negro players who are FINALLY getting the recognition they deserve. Because I did not get to a game this weekend I will share a few sentences about when I got a guaranteed future Hall of Famer’s autograph. I used to read ESPN the Magazine and right after Roger Clemens was traded from the Blue Jays to the Yankees he was on the cover. Because I hadnt gotten to read it prior to heading to the game I brought the issue with me. As amazing as it sounds Roger Clemens signed my magazine. Yeah, he signed it sideways. Players and coaches do that because they think it will keep dealers from selling the item. Maybe it’s just me but I’d take an autograph going sideways, vertical or horizontal equally. So back to what I was saying at least for a few days I believe I had a one-of-a-kind Roger Clemens signed item.


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  1. Jason

    Hey. I’m into collecting autos. I pretty much stick to balls. I just got back from Cooperstown, 1st time for inductions, and came hoem with quite a bit of stuff. I’m going to post about it later. I also have a photo album up of all my signed balls, though I have some to add. I was thinking of writing a book on getting autos. I just had the idea about a week ago. Looking forward to sharing tips.



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